About the Anderson Literary Agency

We are a full service boutique literary agency representing a broad range of authors of non-fiction, with a focus on business, psychology, history, science and religion.

New and forthcoming books from our clients

American Zion: A New History of Mormonism The One: How an Ancient Idea Holds the Future of Physics SI, Human: AI, Automation, and the Quest to Reclaim What Makes Us Unique Genius Kitchen: Easy and Delicious Recipes to Make Your Brain Sharp, Body Strong, and Taste Buds Happy American Idolatry: How Christian Nationalism Betrays the Gospel and Threatens the Church Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation God's Monsters: Vengeful Spirits, Deadly Angels, Hybrid Creatures, and Divine Hitmen of the Bible Encounters: Explorations with Extraterrestrial and Other Non-Human Intelligence The Allure of the Multiverse: Extra Dimensions, Other Worlds, and Parallel Universes The Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill: Alien Encounters, Civil Rights, and the New Age in America